Study of exercise and Parkinson’s disease yields positive results

Habitual exercise may confer an advantage in combating Parkinson’s disease by facilitating the brain’s production of dopamine.

Rehabilitation Research Program shows off its work

The program focuses on improving rehabilitation for individuals with stroke, improving quality of life for individuals who rely on power mobility devi...

Elisabeth McClymont wins top student prize at immunization conference

Her research explored whether the HPV vaccine is less effective in women who are HIV-positive.

Natalie Zeytuni receives the 2015-2016 Banting Postodoctoral Fellowships

Natalie Zeytuni, Postdoctoral Fellow is one of this year’s Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships recipients. Originally from Israel, Natalie has been wor...

Occupational Therapy students break boundaries through research

Soon-to-be graduates of UBC’s Master of Occupational Therapy program showcase research highlights from the 11th annual Capstone Conference.