Meet Our Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet a few Faculty of Medicine’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and learn more about our many Graduate Programs, Departments, Centres, Institutes, and affiliated hospital sites.

Experimental Medicine
Meet Ryan Huff, a PhD student in Experimental Medicine. Ryan is researching air pollution with the aim to further our understanding of both the immunology and pathphysiology of respiratory diseases. Read More >

Meet Ariana Cahn, a Master’s student in Neuroscience. Ariana worked as a research assistant in a biomedical engineering lab following her undergraduate degree and is now researching longitudinal imagining of bipolar disorder. Read More >

Population and Public Health
Meet Randip Gill, a PhD student in Population and Public Health. Randip is researching the educational attainment and well-being trajectories of immigrants and refugees in Canada via a population-level analysis. Read More >

Meet Rozlyn Boutin, an MD/PhD student researching microbiota-mediated immunoregulation and childhood asthma. Rozlyn is interested in the application of evolutionary principles to the treatment and understanding of human diseases. Read More >

Population & Public Health
Meet Federico Andrade-Rivas, a PhD student in Population and Public Health. Federico’s research focuses on human health and its connection with nature and ecosystems health. Read More >

Meet Aarya Chithran, a PhD student in Neuroscience. Aarya’s research focuses on the role of axon guidance genes in the maintenance of adult nervous systems. Read More >

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Meet J Andrew Alexander, a PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Andrew’s research is focused on understanding and combating antibiotic resistance. Read More >

Population and Public Health
Meet Molly Sweeney Magee, a PhD student in the School of Population and Public Health. Molly’s research aims to consolidate the available evidence on the most effective and acceptable behavioural interventions to improve adherence to key health behaviours in colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors. Read More >

Medical Genetics
Meet Julien Richard Albert, a PhD student in Medical Genetics. Julien Richard’s research is focused on epigenetic regulation of the mouse germline transcriptome. Read More >

Interdisciplinary Oncology
Meet Karama Asleh, a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Oncology. Karama’s research investigates the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, where successful targeted therapies are still absent. Read More >