Graduate & Postdoctoral Education (GPE) Office Staff

Dr. Michael A. Hunt is the Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education in the Faculty of Medicine (since August 2019). He is also a Professor in UBC’s Department of Physical Therapy, the Director of the Motion Analysis and Biofeedback Lab, and the former Graduate Director to the Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program. Dr. Hunt’s research interests focus on identifying changes in movement patterns and biomechanics as a result of injury or disease, and using this information to develop no-surgical and non-pharmacological interventions to improve symptoms and function. As the Associate Dean, he is dedicated to improving the learning environment, training, and overall outcomes of Faculty of Medicine research trainees.

Dr. Corné du Plessis is a Research Education Project Coordinator for the Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office and the Office of Research in the Faculty of Medicine. Corné’s portfolio oversees research trainee affairs and experiences, funding and awards, and policies and procedures. Corné’s doctoral degree was conferred by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and he started in the GPE Office in May 2020.

Dr. Heather Muckart is a Research Education Facilitator in the Faculty of Medicine’s Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office. Heather facilitates projects and initiatives that oversee research trainee career training, education and curriculum, and graduate program assessment. Heather finished her PhD in 2018 with the University of British Columbia and she has been in the GPE Office since 2015.

Dr. Karen H. Ross is a Graduate & Postdoctoral Wellbeing Support Coordinator for the Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office. Her position has been tasked with the development of robust and innovative wellbeing support for research trainees in the Faculty of Medicine, and her portfolio encompasses research trainee wellbeing, community, and healthy settings. Karen completed her PhD in 2019 at the University of Calgary and joined the GPE team in March 2020.

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Faculty of Medicine Graduate Program Contacts

Audiology and Speech Sciences (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Stefka Marinova-Todd
Program Assistant: Winnie Wong

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. LeAnn Howe
Program Coordinator: Doris Metcalf

Biomedical Engineering (MEng, MASc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Karen Cheung​
Program Coordinator: Michelle Lee

Cell and Developmental Biology (MSc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Cal Roskelley
Program Coordinator: Cyndi Liu

Experimental Medicine (MSc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Tricia Tang
Program Assistant: Virginia Grosman

Genetic Counselling (MSc)
Advisor: Dr. Jehannine Austin
Program Assistant:

Global Surgical Care (MGSc)
Director: Dr. Brian Westerberg
Education Manager: Cecilia Gruber

Health Administration (MHA)
Advisor: Dr. Nick Bansback
Program Coordinator:

Health Sciences (MHSc)
Director: Dr. Martin Schechter
Program Coordinator:​

Interdisciplinary Oncology (MSc, PhD)
Co-Directors: Dr. Kevin Bennewith and Dr. Wan Lam
Program Administrator: Sharon Ruschkowski

MD/PhD Program (MD/PhD)
Director: Dr. Torsten Nielsen
Program Administrator: Jane Lee​

Medical Genetics (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Lorincz
Program Assistant: Cheryl Bishop

Neuroscience (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Liisa Galea
Program Coordinator: Jennifer Campbell​

Occupational Therapy (MOT)
Director: Dr. Liisa Holsti
Student Services Manager: David Tsukada

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (MSc)
Director: Dr. Karen Bartlett
Program Coordinator: Shaine Meghji

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Helene Cote
Program Coordinator: Heather Cheadle

Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Sastry Bhagavatula
Program Secretary: Emily Palmer

Physical Therapy (MPT, MTP/PhD)
Director: Dr. Alison Greig​
Student Services Officer: MPT Advisor

Population and Public Health (MSc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Susan Cox​
Program Manager: Emily Vangulik

Public Health (MPH)
Director: Dr. Paul Kershaw
Program Manager:

Rehabilitation Sciences (MRSc, MSc, PhD)
Advisor (MSc, PhD): Dr. Bill Miller
Advisor (MRSc): Dr. Tal Jarus
Program Assistant: Anny Shen

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (MSc, PhD)
Advisors: Dr. Alex Beristain​ and Dr. Paul Yong
Program Assistant: Natalie Twohey​

Surgery (MSc)
Advisor: Dr. Alice Mui​