Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Office

Dr. Michael Hunt was appointed Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education in August 2019. As an Associate Professor in UBC’s Department of Physical Therapy, Dr. Hunt has held many leadership roles, facilitating effective changes in both research and education.

In 2014, Dr. Hunt assumed the position of Chair of the Graduate Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences, an interdisciplinary program with diverse research interests. Under his leadership and support, the program witnessed tremendous student growth and experienced fundamental changes that enabled for its continued success. Dr. Hunt also developed and managed a number of key initiatives within the program, including the establishment of a highly successful student mentorship program, the formation of an annual student research day, and the development of an annual, non-academic career preparation seminar series.

In recent years, Dr. Hunt has also played a key role in the development of new programs at UBC, specifically the dual degree Master of Physical Therapy/ Doctor of Philosophy (MPT/PhD) program.

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Graduate Programs

Audiology and Speech Sciences (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Stefka Marinova-Todd
Program Assistant: Winnie Wong

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Leanne Howe
Program Coordinator: Doris Metcalf

Biomedical Engineering (MEng, MASc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Karen Cheung​
Program Coordinator: Michelle Lee

Cell and Developmental Biology (MSc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Cal Roskelley
Program Coordinator: Cyndi Liu

Experimental Medicine (MSc, PhD)
Director: Dr. Tricia Tang
Program Assistant: Virginia Grosman

Genetic Counselling (MSc)
Advisor: Dr. Jehannine Austin
Program Assistant:

Global Surgical Care (MGSc)
Director: Dr. Brian Westerberg
Education Manager: Cecilia Gruber

Health Administration (MHA)
Advisor: Dr. Nick Bansback
Program Coordinator: Jenny Li​

Health Sciences (MHSc)
Director: Dr. Martin Schechter
Program Coordinator:​

Interdisciplinary Oncology (MSc, PhD)
Co-Directors: Dr. Kevin Bennewith and Dr. Wan Lam
Program Administrator: Sharon Ruschkowski

MD/PhD Program (MD/PhD)
Director: Dr. Torsten Nielsen
Program Administrator: Jane Lee​

Medical Genetics (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Lorincz
Program Assistant: Cheryl Bishop

Neuroscience (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Liisa Galea
Program Coordinator: Jennifer Campbell​

Occupational Therapy (MOT)
Director: Dr. Liisa Holsti
Student Services Manager: David Tsukada

Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (MSc)
Director: Dr. Karen Bartlett
Program Coordinator: Shaine Meghji

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Dana Devine
Program Coordinator: Heather Cheadle

Pharmacology and Therapeutics (MSc, PhD)
Advisor: Dr. Sastry Bhagavatula
Program Secretary: Wynne Leung

Physical Therapy (MPT, MTP/PhD)
Director: Dr. Alison Greig​
Student Services Officer: MPT Advisor

Population and Public Health (MSc, PhD)
Interim Advisor: Dr. Susan Cox​
Program Manager: Emily Vangulik

Public Health (MPH)
Director: Dr. Paul Kershaw
Program Manager:

Rehabilitation Sciences (MRSc, MSc, PhD)
Advisor (MSc, PhD): Dr. Bill Miller
Advisor (MRSc): Dr. Tal Jarus
Program Assistant: Anny Shen

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences (MSc, PhD)
Advisors: Dr. Alex Beristain​ and Dr. Paul Yong
Program Assistant: Natalie Twohey​

Surgery (MSc)
Advisor: Dr. Alice Mui​