Post Doctoral Peer Mentorship Program

The research literature has shown that postdoctoral scholars face various challenges, and lacking mentoring opportunities is one of them. Peer mentorship offers a low-pressure space for learning from each other, giving and receiving support, and feeling more at home – whether that’s at UBC, in academics, or in the research environment. Recognizing this, the Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office is pleased to announce a Peer Mentorship Program for Postdoctoral Fellows in the Faculty of Medicine!

Through this platform, we seek to provide a space where fellows at various stages of their postdoctoral training can connect as mentors and mentees and share their experiences and challenges one-on-one with peers. Peer mentorship has countless benefits, it can:

  • improve academic and career outcomes
  • boost wellbeing
  • strengthen our sense of community engagement & connectedness


How Does This Program Work?

Through this program, we match a mentor with a mentee based on the responses received through registration forms. We ask mentors and mentees to connect with each other at least monthly, whether in-person, by Zoom, via email, or by phone. You are encouraged to discuss how you wish to connect (e.g., via email or phone). Please consider each other’s schedules and boundaries, including comfort levels with public health circumstances (and be willing to revisit as necessary). The pilot program will begin in March 2022 and end in August 2022. You will be invited to an initial training & orientation workshop via Zoom. Mentors will be required to complete an online course via Canvas (approx. 20-30 mins) prior to attending the workshop.

How to register?

To Become a MENTOR: If you have been in your current postdoctoral position for at least one year and are interested in being a mentor, sign-up by February 11, 2022

To become a MENTEE: if you have been in your current postdoctoral position for less than a year and are interested in being a mentee, sign-up by February 11, 2022

General Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees

Peer mentorship can take many forms, depending on the style and preferences of the mentor and mentee. We do not require mentors and mentees to follow any set format or to report anything back to the organizers; you are free to keep the mentoring relationship friendly and casual if you wish. However, it is the responsibility of all participants to treat each other with respect, especially in regard to race, gender, or sexual identity; participants must also be respectful of each other’s pronouns and accessibility needs. We have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, and discrimination. In general, mentors and mentees must follow UBC’s Respectful Environment Guidelines at all times. If you would like to request a different mentor or mentee, please contact to discuss.


Contact the Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Office at