Peer Mentorship Program

The Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office is excited to introduce a new Peer Mentorship Program for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine.

Why peer mentorship?

Graduate studies can be demanding and sometimes isolating. We know it can be difficult to connect with peers and find a sense of belonging in the Faculty of Medicine, in part because our students work and learn across multiple sites. We also recognize that for students beginning this September, remote learning may make it harder to get to know others in the Faculty.

To help address these challenges, we are piloting a Peer Mentorship Program to match incoming graduate students with fellow Faculty of Medicine graduate students in second year or beyond. Peer mentorship has been found to enhance student wellbeing in relation to academic, psychosocial, and career outcomes; additionally, peer mentorship can help strengthen a culture of genuine community and mutual support.

Mentors and mentees will connect (virtually or in-person) at least once monthly, and the mentorship experience can be tailored to their unique goals, preferences, and circumstances. This will be a pilot program; mentors and mentees will be offered training and professional development adapted from The Power of Peer Mentorship, a set of resources developed by researchers at the University of Calgary.

Get involved!

Thank you to all who have volunteered as peer mentors! Applications are now closed and you will receive more information soon.

If you are a first-year graduate student and would like to be matched with a peer mentor, please complete the questionnaire at this link. Please be aware that this is a pilot program; unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone who requests a mentor will be matched with one. Please complete the questionnaire ASAP, and no later than September 14, 2020. For more information, please contact Karen Ross at