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Passionate about grad student wellbeing & education? We’re hiring!

The Faculty of Medicine Graduate & Postdoctoral Education Office is hiring two paid, part-time Work Learn positions this summer.



Job Title: WL S21 Trainee Wellbeing Research Assistant (ID: 885428)

The Trainee Wellbeing Research Assistant, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine Graduate & Postdoctoral Wellbeing Support Coordinator [that’s me, Karen Ross! *waves*], will help develop a pilot program to strengthen mental health literacy (MHL) and resilience for grad students and postdoctoral fellows in the Faculty of Medicine. Among other activities, this Work Learn position will:

  • Assist with literature review on graduate student mental health;
  • Review existing MHL interventions for graduate students (across Canada and internationally);
  • Undertake small-scale needs assessment activities (e.g., consultation with graduate students and other stakeholders); and
  • Help build a framework for developing, piloting, and evaluating a psychoeducational and skill-building program.

This would be an exciting role for students who are passionate about mental health promotion & education; interested in improving wellbeing for fellow students; and/or keen to build skills in program development/design & evaluation, knowledge translation, and/or wellbeing-focused advocacy. There will be opportunities for training, professional development, networking, publishing/presenting, and building other skills that interest you (within the parameters of the role).

For more information, please visit CareersOnline and search for the Job Title or ID listed above. Applications close on March 28, 2021.

*We recognize that equipping, educating, and empowering individuals to care & advocate for their own mental health must be just one aspect of an overall plan to improve wellbeing, and that systemic change is crucial to improving student mental health in the long term. This project will be undertaken alongside other efforts to proactively foster wellness and reduce unnecessary stressors for trainees in our Faculty.*

Job Title: WL S21 Education Renewal Coordinator (ID: 885348)

The Education Renewal Coordinator will provide assistance to Graduate and Postdoctoral Education (GPE) team in the FoM in meeting their goal of better understanding the Faculty’s curriculum for the purposes of educational renewal and realignment. Specifically, this Work Learn position will engage in three primary tasks. Firstly, the incumbent will create a curriculum map of current FoM courses available to research graduate students (primarily in order to determine course redundancies). Secondly, the incumbent will engage in needs assessment with graduate students, graduate teaching faculty, program and department leaders, and other career pathway stakeholders in order to determine if there are any curricular gaps. Finally, the incumbent will summarize their findings in a final report.

For more information, please visit CareersOnline and search for the Job Title or ID listed above. Applications close on March 28, 2021.