Meet Our Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet a few Faculty of Medicine’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and learn more about our many Graduate Programs, Departments, Centres, Institutes, and affiliated hospital sites.

Meet Hong Lu, a PhD student in the Neuroscience program. Hong investigates synapse development. Read More >

Cell & Developmental Biology
Meet Jigyasa Verma, a PhD student in Cell & Developmental Biology. Jigyasa’s research seeks to identify characteristics of novel targets of metabolic acid stress resistance in malignant cells. Read More >

Population & Public Health
Meet Ashleigh Rich, a PhD student in the Population & Public Health Program. Ashleigh investigates multimorbidity for transgender people living with HIV in North America. Read More >

Reproductive & Developmental Sciences
Meet Natasha Orr, a PhD student in the Reproductive & Developmental Sciences Program. Natasha both researches endometriosis and produces videos for educating patients with this condition. Read More >

Experimental Medicine
Meet Juma Orach, a MSc student from the Experimental Medicine Program. Juma is undertaking a dose-response study in order to identity a biosignature for diesel exhaust exposure. Read More >

Occupational Health & Environmental Hygiene
Meet Matt Wagstaff, a recent MSc recipient from the Occupational Health & Environmental Hygiene Program. Matt developed a mobile air quality monitoring method that captures air quality across various communities. Read More >

Medical Genetics
Meet Sarah Moore, a 2018 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Genetics, who researches the relationship between stress, genetics, and the development of temperament. Read More >

Meet Kieran Campbell, a 2018 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Pathology and Statistics, who is engaged in deciphering the adaptive and encoded drug response in ovarian cancer with single cell sequencing and scalable statistical modeling. Read More >

Medical Genetics
Meet Kenjiro Shirane, a 2018 Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Genetics who is researching epigenetic regulation of mammalian development and disease. Read More >

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Meet Helena Biasibetti Brendler, a PhD student researching mechanistic and epigenetic evaluation of aging by oxidative stress-induced toxicity in primary neural cell culture. Read More >