Meet Our Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet a few Faculty of Medicine’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and learn more about our many Graduate Programs, Departments, Centres, Institutes, and affiliated hospital sites.

Population and Public Health
Meet Marie Paul Nisingizwe, a PhD student in the School of Population and Public Health. Marie’s research project, in collaboration with the Rwanda Ministry of Health and Rwanda hepatitis association, will be evaluating the mass screening and treatment program for hepatitis C virus (HCV) implemented in Rwanda. Read More >

Meet Philipp Kreyenmeier, a PhD student in Neuroscience. Philipp’s research focuses on the complex underlying processes of eye and hand coordination. Read More >

MD/PhD Program
Meet Daniel Kwon, an MD/PhD student training in medical imagining. Daniel’s current research is focused on targeting the tumour microenvironment for PET imaging and radionuclide therapy. Read More >

Interdisciplinary Oncology
Meet Erin Marshall, a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Oncology. Erin is currently researching how chronic obstructive pulmonary disease contributes to a tumour-promoting micro-environment and the development of lung cancer. Read More >

Reproductive and Developmental Sciences
Meet Maggie Woo Kinshella, a PhD student in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences. Maggie Woo’s current research is taking a human-rights based approach to exploring the relationships between maternal diet and pregnancy hypertension in sub-Saharan Africa. Read More >

Experimental Medicine
Meet Daniel He, a PhD student in Experimental Medicine. Daniel’s current research focuses on the identification of blood-based biomarkers to distinguish subtypes of interstitial lung disease. Read More >

Rehabilitation Sciences
Meet Saori Ogura, a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences. Saori’s current research is inspired by her time living in the Himalayas and focuses on climate change adaptation and food security issues. Read More >

Interdisciplinary Oncology
Meet Courtney Van Ballegooie, a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Oncology. Courtney’s research seeks to better inform hospitals whether greater and/or varied communication strategies should be pursued when recently approved chemotherapies are used in order to increase the health literacy and, therefore, health outcomes of their patients. Read More >

Population & Public Health
Meet Aidan Nikiforuk, a PhD student in the School of Population & Public Health. Aidan’s current research will help alleviate health service inequity in rural communities, educate community members about Hepatitis C virus and link patients with appropriate care. Read More >

MD/PhD Program
Meet Adam Ramzy, an MD/PhD student researching diabetes. Adam is training in both medicine and research and is focusing on removing, replacing, and processing proinsulin in beta-cells. Read More >