Bluma Tischler Postdoctoral Fellowship

Deadline: This competition is currently closed.

The Bluma Tischler Postdoctoral Fellowship Award is for MD or PhD graduates in Medicine, Biochemistry, Genetics, or associated disciplines carrying out research on the biochemical or genetic aspects of mental retardation or other neurologic disorders.


$20,400 for one year. Holders of the award may apply for a second year.


Applicants must hold a postdoctoral appointment at the University of British Columbia for the full duration of the fellowship (see criteria here). No citizenship restrictions apply.

Application Procedures

A completed application consists of:

    1. Completed Bluma Tischler Application Form
    2. Post-Secondary Transcripts
      Copies of transcripts are accepted but must be initialed by the candidate’s proposed supervisor of the postdoctoral research. Initialing of official transcripts is not required.
    3. Three Sponsor’s Letters
      One letter should be from the proposed supervisor of the candidate, and the others from individuals familiar with the candidate’s academic and research abilities.  Sponsors are asked to comment on the applicant’s research potential and achievements, interpersonal skills, academic abilities, and greatest strengths and weaknesses. Letters should be addressed to Dr. Howard Feldman, Executive Associate Dean, Research, c/o Lisa Ritland, Faculty of Medicine, #317-2194 Health Sciences Mall and submitted in sealed envelopes. Letters may be sent separately but must be received by the application deadline.

Please do not use double sided printing or staples in your application.


Applications for awards must be received by Dr. Howard Feldman, c/o Lisa Ritland, Faculty of Medicine, #317-2194 Health Sciences Mall by Friday, April 10, 2015, 4:00pm.