Meet Our Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Meet a few Faculty of Medicine’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and learn more about our many Graduate Programs, Departments, Centres, Institutes, and affiliated hospital sites.

Meet Ellen Koch, a PhD student in Neuroscience. Ellen’s research involves measuring glutamate transmission in Huntington’s Disease using an optogenetic probe. Read More >

Rehabilitation Sciences
Meet Dennis Louie, a PhD student in the Rehabilitation Sciences program. Dennis is researching walking recover after stroke using a robotic exoskeleton.   Read More >

Medical Genetics
Meet Samantha Wilson, a PhD student in the Medical Genetics program and a member of the Healthy Starts research group. Samantha studies genetic and epigenetic profiling of placental insufficiency conditions. Read More >

Experimental Medicine
Meet Bushra Mahmood, a PhD student in the Experimental Medicine program. Bushra’s research evaluates the influence of social norms, culture, and religion on physical activity behaviour of Muslim South Asian women. Read More >

MD/PhD Program
Meet Frank Lee, an MD/PhD student studying in the Centre for Blood Research. Frank is studying the role of clotting proteins in clot dissolution, with an interest in creating novel therapies for the treatment of heart disease and stroke. Read More >

Population and Public Health
Meet Heather Palis, a PhD student in Population and Public Health. Heather researches daily treatment adherence and stimulant use among patients receiving supervised injectable opioid assisted treatment in Vancouver. Read More >

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Meet David Twa, a PhD student in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine who is engaged in cancer research, with particular interest in genomic rearrangements in B-cell lymphomas. Read More >

Population and Public Health
Meet Celestin Hategeka, a PhD student in Population and Public Health. Celestin’s research evaluates the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and implementation fidelity of a multifaceted quality improvement intervention (ETAT+) utilized in Rwanda to improve the quality of hospital care for newborns and children. Read More >

MD/PhD Program
Meet Andrea Jones, an MD/PhD graduate student and a member of the British Columbia Mental Health and Addictions Research Institute (BCMHARI). Andrea is identifying life course factors and ongoing behaviours that contribute to improved mental health trajectories for people from a marginalized population. Read More >

Experimental Medicine
Meet Takuro Ishikawa, a PhD student in Experimental Medicine who researchers the development of novel approaches in communicating risk about road safety, particularly the misconceptions around seatbelts and booster seats. Read More >